Hotel Elements

Vysoke Tatry, Slovakia

عن المشروع

نوع مساحة140 m2 سنة2020

All 5 buildings within the grounds of Hotel Elements in Vysoke Tatry are named after the basic natural elements - Fire, Water,Earth, Wood and Metal. The interior design of the apartments in respective buildings should includes minor alterations according to the building's designated element. Our client was looking to create an interior design that is timeless, that will not fall out of fashion in 10 or more years. One of the goals of the project was to make the hotel family friendly, which should be reflected in the interior design of the apartments. The public and private spaces of the hotel, apart from a unique interior design code, also adhere to the Feng Shui philosophy, reflected by the overall vision for the hotel as a place for total relaxation and unity with nature for its guests.

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